In the past, a person who wanted to serve their country could join ‘the Service’ — or the armed forces. Today in addition to military service, people have a wide array of citizen service corps to choose from — opportunities like AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Teach For America — enabling them to serve their country and their community through a term of full-time service (usually lasting three to 27 months).

We aim to connect you to “the new Service,” and educate you about transitioning to a social-impact career when your term ends.

The New Service blog aims to catalyze citizen service by:

  • introducing you to service programs,
  • offering advice to propel you forward in your social-impact career and graduate education,
  • keeping you up to date on service world news and trends, and
  • letting you know about blogs, books, and other resources relevant for citizen service proponents.

The blog is especially dedicated to current or former service program participants, including AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Peace Corps, City Year, Teach For America, HealthCorps, fellowships, faith-based programs, and many, many others. (See more Corps and Coalitions in the right-hand side bar of the blog.) We aim to offer resources useful to career counselors, service corps program staff, and future Corps members as well.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. For a blog article about citizen service and volunteerism to help in America’s economic recovery, see the April 10, 2009 post to SharedEmergency.wordpress.com.

  2. Thank you for hosting this blog. It’s such a wonderful idea. I volunteered for the St. Bernard Project for nine months, and was so inspired by long-term service.

  3. This whole program is very inspiring, and of course very valuable for all of us. Thanks for posting about The New Service and I hope to see more of you on twitter and facebook. Thanks again!

  4. Amy – This is a great resource and one that I will definitely recommend to Lafayette students and alumni.

  5. Thank you, Linda!! Please let me know as questions arise.

  6. Please advise of your blog readership for a DRC report — thank you.

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