Forum’s starting!

Watch it here!

See photo of Columbia students watching on the lawn.

Read this article from Chronicle of Philanthropy about Presidential candidates, public service, and philanthropy.

Notes from the Forum:

Gov. David Patterson announced he would elevate the position of the state commission on voluntary action and service to a cabinet level post.

Liz Alderman and Jay Winnick (sp?) — relatives of people who died on 9/11 spoke.

John McCain is up! Judy Woodruff and Rick Stengel interviewing him on stage in arm chairs. McCain is pleased with the volunteer effort in the United States, and is “all for” making it easier. If companies want to offer paid leave for service he says okay, but he won’t force them to. Says military service was part of his family’s tradition. Grateful that his country saved him, so he owes his country. Private sector should expand its own service opportunities, instead of relying on the government to expand its opportunities. Community service of anyone is admirable.

Obama now! Nation yearns to serve, and government should tap into that desire. Kids should connect to service opportunities early to develop citizenship. Support more military ranks, better military pay, and keep the GI Bill alive. “Lift up” opportunities to serve without partisan politics. Says young people yearn to serve and should be supported through civic education and opportunities to serve in youth. Change happens from the bottom up: we roll up our sleeves and create positive change. JFK answered the idealism of his time by creating Peace Corps, and Clinton by creating AmeriCorps.

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