Atlas Corps Scores Big in 2008 from On-line Contests

The exchange and service corps for international development leaders earned $100,000 in 2008 from online contests.

Scott Beale, Founder and Executive Director of Atlas Corps, thanks you — if you are among the thousands of people who supported Atlas Corps’s bids in tight online contests last year:

  • $33,000 raised from Americas Giving Challenge — a contest where participants use a widget to inspire donations from supporters; the contest was organized by the Case Foundation, Network for Good, Global Giving, and Parade Magazine.
  • $50,000 won from Americas Giving Challenge — because Atlas Corps was among the top eight fundraisers in the contest.
  • $20,000 won from Ideablob — a contest that allows supporters to vote for two weeks on a “business idea” to succeed. Normally the award is $10,000, but because Atlas Corps is a client of one of the contest sponsors, its award was doubled.

While some of the money was raised directly from donors to Atlas Corps, $70,000 of the total came in response to the huge turnout of support that Atlas Corps garnered. A great way to raise funds when people want to give, but may be limited in this economy.

Atlas Corps’ Scott Beale will be the guest in the February episode of The New Service podcast show, so stay tuned!

Check out Scott’s Ideablob announcement (and other Atlas Corps videos on its Youtube channel):

Read more about Atlas Corps’s bid in the Ideablob contest.

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