High Schoolers Find a New Way to Serve through Global Citizen Year

A program that offers a nine-month, international service opportunity for recent high school grads is now accepting applications for its inaugural term.

Global Citizen Year aims to give gap-year kids the experience of their life time that will shape their college ambitions, career, and capacity for doing good in an increasingly global world.

Most people I know who traveled or lived abroad as kids have become citizens of the world in adulthood, speaking languages beyond English, reading between the lines of news stories set on foreign shores, and exhibiting a wanderlust and curiosity satisfied only through international travel and making friends from all backgrounds. Service abroad can also have a profound impact on the host communities—check out this video about GCY and what high schoolers can do, given a chance:

If you wish the same  for yourself or your kid, read more about GCY and the application process.

One thought on “High Schoolers Find a New Way to Serve through Global Citizen Year

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for this post! We are in the middle of recruiting right now and I’d love to follow up with you regarding our outreach effort.


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