House Appropriates $1.069B for the Corporation

Youth Today’s Nancy Lewis reports today that the House of Representatives passed the appropriations bill for Labor, Health and Education Programs today with 264 representatives for it and 153 against.

National service supporters had hoped that the bill would fund the Corporation for National and Community Service at the President’s requested level, $1.149 billion. But Reps. John Kline (R-Minn.) and Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.) had hoped the final figure would be much lower. They proposed an amendment that would have decreased $169 million of the Corporation’s proposed budget in order to fund special education initiatives. (The $1.069 billion included in this appropriations bill for the Corporation represents a $169 million increase over last year’s Corporation budget.)

According to the Youth Today article:

There were virtually no changes from the committee version, despite the White House’s requests that the $90 million reduction in the proposed $1.159 billion allotment for CNCS be restored. Included in the $90 million reduction is a $15 million reduction in the proposed $50 million Social Innovation Fund.

The Senate debates its appropriations bill related to Corporation funding next Tuesday, July 28.

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