The British Council Calls All Young Activists to Apply for Global Changemakers Program

2007 Global Changemakers Group

2007 Global Changemakers Group

From 1-21 August The British Council is accepting applications from people all over the world ages 16-19 to become Global Changemakers at the Fourth Annual Global Youth Summit, which will take place in the United Kingdom, November 15-21.

A Global Changemaker, according to the British Council program, is a

“young activist operating through a range of national and international networks, who is able to influence his or her community as well as speak to authority with confidence and passion. Changemakers are not afraid to challenge either accepted ways of thinking or their convictions. Changemakers are forward looking, they take their ideas and put them into practice. A Changemaker accepts difference, is flexible, is able to take on new ideas and skills and will communicate them to others.”

The  Summit will bring together 60 new Global Changemakers (aged 16-19) to “build their knowledge of key global issues, build their skills in project management, fundraising, media, research and monitoring and evaluation, and launch community action projects.” (Read more on the Global Changemakers site.)

At the end of the week, six members of the new group of Global Changemakers will be chosen to represent the group at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2010.

To apply:

You can check out the questions on the application form here.

According to the Global Changemakers blog, successful applicants:

  • Are committed to bringing about positive change in their communities
  • Have a significant track record of community activism, social entrepreneurship or volunteer work
  • Will be between 16 and 19 years old in November 2009
  • Can communicate reasonably well in English (the event will be held in English)
  • Are free to attend the Global Youth Summit in the United Kingdom November 15-21, as well as the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland January 27-31, 2010, if selected

Check out this video of some older Changemakers:

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Read more about the British Council.

11 thoughts on “The British Council Calls All Young Activists to Apply for Global Changemakers Program

  1. hey, I wanted to apply for the Changemakers Program, but sadly I couldn’t find my country’s name ( Yemen ) on the citizenship bar, thus I couldn’t keep going with the application. Is there any solution for this problem.
    please clarify.
    thanks a lot


  2. Hmm, I Omar. Let me ask my contact at the British Council and get back to you. Glad you are applying!!

  3. Hi Omar, Yemen is on the list, under Republic of Yemen, look forward to receiving your application! katherine

  4. Hello Omar,
    On the nationality drop-down menu in the application, Yemen is listed under its official name – Republic of Yemen. Thanks so much for your interest!

  5. Thanks, Katherine!

  6. Thanks, Andrew!

  7. I have attemted to apply but, i recently lost my passport and some of the information needed is lacking? How can i go about this to fully apply? I would also like to know what is needed in the video we have to submit and when its due for submittion?
    Thank you, Koketso Molosiwa

  8. Koketso,
    The passport information is pretty important as, if selected, you’d need to be able to travel for the summit in November. I suggest you inquire with your country’s passport office and get the process moving for a new one. You can also ask them for the passport information you are missing. All the info about the application process is listed here: For the video, specific instructions are outlined here: The deadline is August 21st. Thanks for your interest and best of luck!

  9. Dear sir(s)
    My name is Ahmed and i’m from Yemen I had the chance before to go to the states as one of the MEPI programs. and it was for 5 weeks ,,we have studied leadership .
    and many other things.
    and I would be glad if there is any programs to UK
    for people over 20 years old ..
    please help me to know ,
    my contact address
    email :

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