Australian Volunteers International Offers Opportunities for Australians at Home and Abroad

Thanks to intern Ceyhun Arslan for contributing this post. Ceyhun is researching service opportunities throughout the world open to non-U.S. citizens.

Australian Volunteers International recruits permanent residents of Australia who wish to volunteer overseas or in remote regions of Australia for a variety of projects.

Founded even before the U.S. Peace Corps and the British Volunteer Service Organisation, Australian Volunteers International (AVI) cooperates with local organizations overseas and within remote Australia, which request volunteers from AVI.

Short-listed applicants interview with an AVI representative. Participants can choose among 70 new programs in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and serve for two years.

Volunteers need to have the professional skills requested by the project they undertake, must be at least age 18 (there is no upper age limit), and permanent residents of Australia.

The regular AVI program covers most expenses, including airfare, medical insurance, and accommodation. It also provides a weekly allowance to each volunteer. To adapt to another country, AVI provides information sessions, language training, and reading materials to participants for easing their adjustment to the new workplace and culture.

Most AVI assignments last for two years to give time to the volunteer for adjusting to the new culture and completing the project. AVI works with an agency that offers a 24-hour medical assistance in each country, and assists the volunteer’s evacuation if a political crisis arises within the country.

You can also visit to website for its interesting quizzes to expand your knowledge on different countries.

LWB logoAlso check out the AVI partnership with the Volunteer Service Organisation, recruiting through Sept. 13, and Lawyers without Borders, AVI’s program for legal professionals willing to share their expertise around the globe.

Finally, AVI offers other programs open to non-residents of Australia, and also younger Australians:

  • The Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM) project accepts applications from Australia and other countries for assignments that cannot be filled in the location of service.
  • The AVI Youth Program accepts unskilled volunteers under the age of 18.

Watch the video to hear some feedback about the youth volunteers in Philippines.

2 thoughts on “Australian Volunteers International Offers Opportunities for Australians at Home and Abroad

  1. ITS great houner if i am valunteer with AVI
    Dr. Ehsan ullah khan
    Parwarish welfare foundation PWF
    Colony sadar ud din khan Eminabad more GUJRANWALA
    Cell:+92 3006406609
    Fex:+92 55 3261787

  2. bon jour Monsieur
    Ancien Volontaire des Nations Unies ( ID:116248 ) au Mali ,à Djidja au Bénin,j’ interviens dans les domaines de l’ environnement securité alimentaire , conflit paix et developpement .Je souhaite avoir un poste de volontaire dans n’importe quelles zones où région de AUSTRALIE où autres pays ,je suis adaptable à toutes les conditions ; je suis immédiatement disoponible et opératonnel.espérant vous lire dans les prochains jours avec suite favorable , recevez monsieur l’ expression de mon profond respect

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