Civic Ventures Offers an Online Course to Help You Transition to Your Encore Career

A new online course helps mid-career professionals transition to a new career.

Marc Freedman, an career author, and the head of Civic Ventures, will be leading a four-art online course during Wednesday afternoons in October helping people to transition to an “encore” career — or a second career a person takes on typically in the “second half of life.” The course is part of the NY Times Knowledge Network.

  • Session #1, Oct. 7th, 6-7 pm ET, will provide an overview of the idea and phenomenon of encore careers.
  • Session #2, Oct. 14th, 6-7 pm ET, brings non-profit employers together to discuss what they’re looking for when attracting talent from the encore population. David Simms will offer insights from his own shift from the private sector to lead Bridgestar, a nonprofit executive recruitment firm for nonprofit organizations.
  • Session #3, Oct. 21, 6-7 pm ET, will feature encore careerists Beverly Ryder and Ed Speedling who will reflect on their transition to working on education and homelessness, including commentary and questions with David Leonhardt, The New York Times’ economics columnist.
  • Session #4, Oct. 28, 6-7 pm ET, will conclude with advice and resources for people embarking on an encore career and will feature Marci Alboher, the former New York Times “Shifting Careers” columnist, and Judy Goggin of Civic Ventures.

Marc Freedman will co-lead the workshops along with Nancy Morrow-Howell, a social work professor at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Marc Freedman is the author of Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life and founder and CEO of Civic Ventures, the nonprofit think tank focused on Baby Boomers, work, and social purpose.

The workshop is $125 and because you can access it online, doesn’t entail travel costs. Learn more and register here.

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