My MLK Service Project: Disaster Preparedness on my Street

I really wanted to do something for MLK Day that ties to the earthquake in Haiti — it’s just where my heart is right now.

So my family and I have decided to share disaster and earthquake preparedness information with our neighbors here in Portland, Oregon (an earthquake-vulnerable region), as our service project for today. I thought I’d also share the information with you and with my social network.

If you like this idea, I highly encourage you to download the documents linked below and consider sharing them with your family and friends, sharing this blog post on your Facebook profile and other social networks, and spreading the word about disaster preparation.

Howdy Neighbors, and Happy MLK Day 2010!

This past week my family and I have been gripped by the news coming out of Haiti.

In addition to finding ways to help out in the aftermath of that disaster, we’re taking time this weekend to pull out our own disaster supplies kit and update anything in it that needs refreshing (bottled water, packaged food, batteries), and make sure the kit’s complete.

In honor of today’s national day of service, we wanted to pass along the checklists enclosed [and linked below] from the American Red Cross so your family can refer to them easily to update, or put together, your own kits.

Also you can learn more at and at


Amy and family

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