Vote for Idealist — and Help this Blog Continue

Dear readers,

This week Action Without Borders/ (my organization) is competing in the Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook.

Through this contest, any Facebook user can vote for an organization to win a million dollars — organizations that end up in the top six earn $100,000.

Idealist has made it to the second round, and only 100 finalists are left.

This would be huge for us, and so I am asking you to use one of your five votes on us.

If you are on Facebook, it only takes a minute. Please click on this link for some more details, and then you can vote from there:

Atlas Corps, an international service corps, is also in the top 100 and could use another of your five votes!


Amy and our entire staff!!

One thought on “Vote for Idealist — and Help this Blog Continue

  1. Ah! Thank you for posting this!| There have been quite a bit of different
    info posted, this dispells, puts to rest
    some of what I’ve read.

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