AmeriCorps Connect Launches – New Site to Help You Access AmeriCorps Stuff

Today, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced the launch of its new web portal, AmeriCorps Connect — a one-stop shop for frequently-used national service content.

Frequent visitors to other national service sites like and will notice that AmeriCorps Connect’s homepage is less-text heavy.

The home page features three types of links, explained this way in today’s announcement:

LEARN includes links to resources designed to help you with the day-to-day aspects of your job such as grant management, member management, and service-related activities.

CONNECT includes social media and other tools, including a wiki to help you collaborate with your staff, partners, and other stakeholders. Use it to create and edit shared documents or other project communications. Subscribe to an AmeriCorps e-mail list, or check out the upcoming national service events on the Resource Center calendar.

GET THINGS DONE provides a list of the CNCS systems that you use to manage your grant or program listed here in one place for your convenience.

Most links connect users to other sites (The Resource Center, or, for example), though some links are to other pages on AmeriCorps Connect, for example a list of all the Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts operated in support of Corporation programs.

On the left-hand side bar there’s even a drop-down menu of other national service sites, including Peace Corps (not a CNCS program).

Finally you can create a log-in for yourself (even if you’re not affiliated with an Corporation program currently) to save book marks.

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