Service Nation Asks: How Do You Find Volunteer Opportunities?

Be The Change, Inc. — the folks behind the Service Nation movement to grow funding and support for service opportunities — have launched a survey to ask you how you find volunteer opportunities.

A  Service Nation blog post explains:

In the next month, we are launching a project that we are calling ServiceCensus. The ServiceCensus project aims to increase the number of volunteer opportunity postings available online.

Before we launch the ServiceCensus full-scale, we need to do our homework. The intern team has been running a Pre-Census outreach effort in the Boston area and connecting with organizations in the area to find out how they use online resource to connect with volunteers. So far we’ve received some great insight from these organizations! The idea is to take this knowledge and try to help improve awareness of the range of available opportunities as well as to improve the volunteer search experience.

But now we need your help ServiceNation! We need to hear the other side of the story from volunteers like YOU. So we’re calling on volunteers from all over the country to fill out this form and clue us in on how you find volunteer opportunities. This part of the pre-census will provide us with great feedback so when we launch the full-scale ServiceCensus initiative we will be well-informed and able to create a great toolkit of resources for organizations across the country.

The survey asks questions like have you sought volunteer opportunities online? What barriers existed that kept you from volunteering after reading a posting? And which volunteer posting sites have you used (including my organization’s site, And how could volunteer posting sites improve?

Have you taken the survey? Or found volunteering opportunities online?  What is the value of online volunteer postings, to you?

One thought on “Service Nation Asks: How Do You Find Volunteer Opportunities?

  1. I search for volunteer opportunites through magazines, word of mouth, the internet, my church and sometime my childs school. It’s been many, many years since I’ve found anything of interest, hopefully TheServiceCensus Project will be the break that myself and Thousands of others are looking for to help us meet our volunteerimg goals.

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