The Long Road to Recovery – and How You Can Help

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When a major disaster happens in the world, it’s common, and frankly humanity-affirming, for global citizens to want to help. However, when the disaster in question is as devastating as last week’s earthquake in Haiti, it is often the case that the primary way folks are encouraged to get involved is to raise funds, raise voices, and raise awareness. And while fundraising, advocacy, and public awareness are critically important activities to participate in, they can sometimes be frustrating substitutes for those who are seeking to lend a hand in a more direct and tangible way by volunteering.

Yet for those seeking to contribute their skills, time, and energy on the ground in a disaster response situation, the advice Continue reading

Please Pay Attention to the People Behind the Curtain

Think about what it takes to change the world. Now think about all the people involved. I’m not talking about the global leaders here—after all, we’re all familiar with extraordinary figures like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa—but rather those who contribute behind the scenes, who change the world for the better outside the spotlight’s glare.

For every global leader, there are millions of individuals working, volunteering, and generally doing their part to foster healthy citizens and communities the world over. One such oft behind-the-scenes role that deserves a shout-out today? Volunteer resource managers.

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The Career Center at NCVS

Idealist logoAt the National Conference on Volunteering and Service this week, look for the Idealist Career Center in the West Hall’s Third Floor Lobby, near the escalators and against the wall.

Monday through Wednesday, we’ll have staff on hand for one-on-one or small-group conversations about careers, as well as a series of 30-minute workshops to address specific topics. All of these are free to attend, and no reservation is required.

Monday, June 22

3-5 pm        20-minute Career Conversations with Steven Joiner, Director, Career Transition Program or Russ Finkelstein, Associate Director. Got burning questions? Need a sounding board? Here’s a chance to brainstorm ideas with some people on our careers team.

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AmeriCorps Week: Exploring Different Ways to Get Involved

Erin BarnhartAs part of our AmeriCorps Week Interviews, I’m sharing stories of current or former AmeriCorps members, about their service, and its impact on their communities and their careers. This interview is with my colleague Erin Barnhart who served with AmeriCorps NCCC. NCCC stands for the National Civilian Conservation Corps.

Where did you serve?

I served with AmeriCorps NCCC at their Central Region campus in Denver from 1997-98.

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