Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009

Shriver, from her bio page on her website One Woman's Vision

Shriver, from her bio page on her website One Woman's Vision

Early this morning, Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away. I have been amazed by her infinite capacity to balance work and family — to be a role model to her kids through her tireless work on issues she was passionate about, to be a champion of service, and of people of all abilities.

My condolences to the Shrivers and Kennedys, I know you will miss her so much.

This is a statement from the family on the website Eunice Kennedy Shriver: One Woman’s Vision:

“It’s hard for us to believe: the amazing Eunice Kennedy Shriver went home to God this morning at 2 a.m.

She was the light of our lives, a mother, wife, grandmother, sister and aunt who taught us by example and with passion what it means to live a faith-driven life of love and service to others. For each of us, she often seemed to stop time itself – to run another Special Olympics games, to visit us in our homes, to attend to her own mother, her sisters and brothers, and to sail, tell stories, and laugh and serve her friends. How did she do it all?

Inspired by her love of God, her devotion to her family, and her relentless belief in the dignity and worth of Continue reading