Terms of political service

Looking to get more directly involved in the democratic process? Is the election year whetting your appetite for campaign action? Many service programs disallow political involvement due to financial support from the government. But these programs exist that embrace politics:


Based in Portland, OR, and a project of the Bus Project, PolitiCorps is a “boot camp” for organizers. Fellows spend the summer registering voters, issuing policy white papers, and learning to run campaigns. Alumni go on to run political and fundraising campaigns, serve nonprofits, earn graduate degrees and more.

Green Corps’ Field School

A year-long, hands-on experience, Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing teaches the art of building grassroots, activist support as well as the science of influencing policy. Based in Boston, the Corps also supports its members’s career transitions.

Campaign Corps

Emily’s List offers this opportunity for college grads to get involved with Democratic Party campaigns: one week of Campaign School and then working the final three months on a Democratic campaign.


On the Republican front, learn more about ForecastRed’s campaign school that prepares participants for the campaign season. Email events@forecastred.org.