Service Nation Approved Bloggers List

(Update 9/20/08, see this post from Henri Makembe’s blog for more bloggers.)

My first official media team volunteer duty at the Service Nation Summit (okay, after schlepping some boxes and touring the primary event spaces for tonight and tomorrow) is checking in the Be the Change, Inc. approved bloggers for the Forum tonight.

I may blog some as I am able, but in case you want to follow events, I will update the list of bloggers as they check in. Note: not 100% of bloggers checked in with me — others may be blogging not on this list. Doesn’t mean they are unauthorized.

Kate from Be the Change, Inc. is here: Change/ Wire. Follow BetheChangeInc on Twitter, and follow Kate, rightplace.

Britt Bravo is here: and Have Fun – Do Good. You can follow Britt on Twitter. You can also follow Britt-inspired Changeblogs on Twitter.

Alison Fine arrived: and afine on Twitter.

Liza Sabater checked in: Awearness, and blogdiva on Twitter.

Christina Kerley got in: She blogs at CK’s Blog and Spare Change. ckEpiphany on Twitter.

Roger Carr just walked in! Everyday Giving, and rogercarr on Twitter.

Columbia Graduate School of Journalism students are blogging at Obama and McCain at Columbia. Follow them on Twitter: J_School.

Lara Galinsky just arrived! Spark*Blog on Echoing Green. Friday Echoing Green will be updating on Twitter.

Alan Wolk! Blogging at Toadstool, and Tweeting at awolk.

The FLiP team arrived: Divine Tabios, Elisabeth Anderson, and Daniel Blaine. They are not tweeting!

RocchiJulia is tweeting! She will blog at Social Citizens.

Ray Skwire is here. Will blog tomorrow about tonight at PhillyBits.

And Friday morning I am seeing (in addition to those above):

Daniel Parr from Conservation Nation! Not tweeting.

I am again tweeting from AmyPotthast!