New National Youth Service Programs to Launch in the Philippines

Riverman 72 - Flickr

Riverman 72 - Flickr

Last week, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed an executive order to establish two branches of national youth service.

The programs will include the National Service Corps and the Youth Conservation Corps. Projects will include cleaning up the environment, planting trees, building parks, teaching, and establishing food banks, and more.

Both new programs will recruit people ages 18-24 to commit to two years of service in exchange for a chance to improve their communities, build skills, and earn modest pay.

The National Youth Corps is intended to offer “unemployed or underemployed skilled [Filipino] youth or college graduates a chance to contribute to education and community service programs.”

The Youth Conservation Corps is intended to connect “unskilled or less educated [Filipino] youth” with service Continue reading