New Podcast: A Pride Month Interview – Lesbian and Gay Perspectives in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps

June is Pride Month, so The New Service podcast from

Gay Pride 8-colors Flag by Stonewall Veteran Gilbert Baker

Gay Pride 8-colors Flag by Stonewall Veteran Gilbert Baker is taking a closer look at the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals serving in Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.

Today’s guests are lesbian and gay former service corps participants:

I spoke with them about agency policies affecting LGBT service—including policies around joining the corps with a same-sex partner; the experience of serving as a lesbian or gay corps member; and opportunities to serve on projects that relate to LGBT issues.

Listen to the show! Or read the transcript!

Also check out this interivew with one of the only known transgender Returned Peace Corps Volunteers about his service. (Because of scheduling issues, and as a way to maintain his anonymity, we agreed to a written interview with him.)

Finally, if you are an LGBT individual considering Peace Corps service, register for Kate Kuykendall’s online information session “Have Rainbow, Will Travel: The LGBT Experience in the Peace Corps” this coming Saturday. She’ll introduce Peace Corps service more specifically, and also address issues of special concern to LGBT folks.

8 thoughts on “New Podcast: A Pride Month Interview – Lesbian and Gay Perspectives in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps

  1. Great podcast and great post. Thanks so much for writing about LGBT issues and National Service! This will be sure to be an inspiration to LGBT potential applicants. Happy Pride Month!

  2. Awesome podcast! I hope it sheds some light and inspires many more LGBT applicants.

  3. I am a deaf bisexual woman very strongly interested in international development. I would have been extremely interested in viewing the podcast. But without captions or transcription, as a deaf person, it is inaccessible to me. Can you please provide a transcript for all deaf people using your site?


  4. Andrea,

    Thank you so much for writing and requesting a transcript! I am glad Amy has agreed to provide that for you! I hope the podcast can reach as many people as possible and the Deaf community is one that certainly can benefit from access to this conversation.

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  6. This is fantastic! I’m so glad to read something so accepting and loving!

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