Careers: Brand New Career Transitions Book for Current and Former Service Corps Members

Picture 19My career transitions book is live on Idealist! Free, downloadable, accessible from any place with an internet connection — and written just for you.

I’ve been working on this for almost a year — giant thanks to everyone who helped out reading and offering feedback!

Intended for national and international service corps audiences of all ages, Service Corps to Social Impact Career – A Companion to The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers is a free new book from

While most resources and trainings focusing on “life after” the corps begin and end with career search skill building, Service Corps to Social Impact Career emphasizes integrating career development throughout the term.

The book highlights practices that current corps members can incorporate during their service experience which also prepare them for their next steps, including discerning their professional calling, gaining relevant skills, building relationships, and documenting their accomplishments.

For corps members actively transitioning from their service term to a career or further education, Service Corps to Social Impact Career also provides concrete advice on representing their corps and their transferable skills in person and on paper, as well as suggestions for handling the emotional and logistical challenges of the transition.

The book also offers tips for corps members just starting out in a new job, with discussions of adjusting to new income, taking ownership of their work, supporting their former corps, continuing their professional development, and much more.

Check it out & pass it on:

Also, HUUUUGE thanks to Eric Fichtl and Russ Finkelstein for your constant help — and Eric for the book’s fabulous layout.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction Getting started: A quick introduction to this book
  • Part One Before your transition: Setting yourself up for success during your term
  • Part Two During your transition: Making the switch from service to social impact work
  • Part Three After your transition: Adjusting to your new work and staying ready for the future
  • Conclusion Final thoughts

Service Corps to Social Impact Career is a companion to our Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers:

Two guides for two audiences—both free! Written by the staff of with sections by other nonprofit experts, The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for Sector Switchers and The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers provide professional insights, statistics from the field, and tried-and-true guidance for people pursuing new career options in the nonprofit sector. Visit

5 thoughts on “Careers: Brand New Career Transitions Book for Current and Former Service Corps Members

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  2. Congratulations, Amy – looks great! I’m highlighting this on our home page for awhile. We’ll find some other ways to get the word out too.

  3. Thanks, Laura!! We really hope it helps people — it’s an exciting time, but can also be an anxious time (the transition out of a service corps). Thanks so much for pointing folks to it!!

  4. Looks like a great book. Is this available in eBook format for the kindle? I’ve tried putting it on mine as a converted .PDF, but it shows up distorted and is thus distracting to read. Not sure if .mobi or .epub or .azw would be best… thanks.

  5. No that is a good idea though. I need to update the book (and this blog) so I’ll sort out how to make it work with Kindle and other e-readers.

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