Help a Reporter Out – Questions for Corps Member or Alum

Peter Shankman’s Help a Reporter Out service put out this notice from NYU Livewire student writer Kimberly Anglin at New York University:

To whom it may concern:

Are you a Gen Xer or Yer? Have you ever joined/taken part in any sort of post-graduate volunteer program (Teach for America, Peace Corps, etc)? If so, please share your experiences? Which program? For how long? What were your reasons for joining? If you are a recent graduate, has the troubled economy/job market given you incentive to spend your time volunteering?

FOR ALL: Has your time spent volunteering prompted you to change/rethink your career? If so, how? If you’re a member of another generation, I’d appreciate your input as well.

Also: Please disclose the following information:
Full Name:

Please get in touch with her via email: kpa209 [at]