Help a Reporter Out – Questions for Corps Member or Alum

Peter Shankman’s Help a Reporter Out service put out this notice from NYU Livewire student writer Kimberly Anglin at New York University:

To whom it may concern:

Are you a Gen Xer or Yer? Have you ever joined/taken part in any sort of post-graduate volunteer program (Teach for America, Peace Corps, etc)? If so, please share your experiences? Which program? For how long? What were your reasons for joining? If you are a recent graduate, has the troubled economy/job market given you incentive to spend your time volunteering?

FOR ALL: Has your time spent volunteering prompted you to change/rethink your career? If so, how? If you’re a member of another generation, I’d appreciate your input as well.

Also: Please disclose the following information:
Full Name:

Please get in touch with her via email: kpa209 [at]

Service alumni needed to blog about grad school

Bloggers Needed for
School seekers and students write about grad school

Tomorrow’s civic leaders learn about grad school through Idealist’s events and resources.

Soon they can learn from each other.

In fall 2008, Idealist will link its Public Service Graduate Education Resource Center to bloggers who take on grad school.

The resource center is a collection of articles and advice about researching and choosing schools, applying and financing a degree, and more. The resource center will not host the new blogs, but link to blogs elsewhere on the web.

Types of bloggers we are looking for
We aim to look at grad school from 9 different lenses

Current or prospective…
1. Participant in a term-of-service program (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach For America, etc.) who is taking advantage of an educational benefit associated with service2. International student pursuing a graduate degree in the United States who is a resident of the United States and intends to stay (immigrant)
3. International student pursuing a graduate degree in the United States who is a nonresident/alien who plans to leave the United States upon graduation (F1 Visa)
4. U.S. citizen pursuing a degree outside the United States
5. Grad student enrolled in a joint degree program
6. Part-time grad student working full-time
7. Doctoral Candidate
8. Undergraduate applying to grad school, with the aim of enrolling the fall after college graduation
9. Masters degree candidate

To learn more, go to!